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Clermont County Township Association Meeting

Date:   September 17, 2015

Host:  Clermont County Engineers Office

Meeting was called to order:   The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Clermont County Engineer, Pat Manger. 

Opening remarks:  Mr. Manger thanked everyone for coming and everyone who worked on preparing the food.  He thanked Rob Alfieri for grilling all of the steaks and chicken that we were about to enjoy.  Mr. Manger then introduced all county officials that were in attendance.  He then asked Guy Bainum to lead us in prayer.  After the prayer everyone enjoyed the dinner. 

Motion to approve meeting minutes:  A motion was made by Tom Peck and seconded by Matt Beamer to approve the August 2015 minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  A motion was made by Tom Peck and seconded by Karen Register to approve the treasurer’s reports from September 2015.  Motion passed.

The next meeting will be held:  The next meeting will be held on October 17th at the Sheriff’s Office.    

Other comments and suggestions:  Mrs. Batchler asked that the CCTA set the date for Trick or Treating in the County.  Halloween falls on Saturday and she felt that that would be a good time for the children go out trick or treating.  A motion was made by Guy Bainum and seconded by Carl  Schultz to set trick or treating for Saturday, October 31st from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Motion passed. 

Jennifer Haley reminded everyone that the Shop With the Sheriff’s golf outing would be next Saturday. 

Bob Proud had everyone sing happy birthday to Batavia Township which is celebrating their 200th birthday. 

Judy Eshman, from Clermont County Children’s Services, spoke about the renewal levy that would be on the ballot on November 3rd supporting Children’s Services.  The renewal does not increase the tax you are currently paying.  A motion was made by Bonnie Batchler and seconded by Greg Carson to endorse the Children’s Services levy.  Motion carried. 

Pat Manger said that the county road sharing program was going well.  However, asphalt costs have tripled.  There is a large resurfacing program set for 2016.   The salt bid for 2016 is $65.00 per ton. 

The Clermont County Commissioners recently purchased the Wiedenbein property.  This property will be the new location for the engineer’s new facility. 

Motion to adjourn the meeting:  A motion was made by Joe Uecker and seconded by Doug Green to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed. 


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