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Clermont County Township Association Meeting

Date:   August 20, 2015

Host:  Union Township

Meeting was called to order:   The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by CCTA President Bonnie Batchler.  She welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked that everyone stand for the pledge of allegiance.  She then asked Bob McGee to lead the prayer.  After the prayer everyone enjoyed the dinner.

Opening remarks:  Mrs. Batchler asked Commissioner Uible to introduce Bill Bradish from Palmer Energy to talk about the possibility of aggregation of electric and natural gas for the residents and businesses in Clermont County.   The Commissioners have placed the governmental aggregation of electric and natural gas issue on the November 3rd ballot.  There was also discussion about the Clermont County Park District economic development in the County. 

Motion to approve meeting minutes:  A motion was made by Bob Pautke and seconded by Darlene Jowers to approve the March 2015 meeting minutes.  Motion passed.

Treasurerís Report:  A motion was made by Bill Dowdney and seconded by Jim Sauls to approve the treasurerís reports from April, May, June, July and August.  Motion passed.

The next meeting will be held:  The next meeting will be held on September 17th  at the Clermont County Fairgrounds and will be sponsored by the Clermont County Engineerís Office.  

Other comments and suggestions:  Mrs. Batchler said that Rex Parsons, Batavia Administrator, asked her to remind everyone about the Batavia Township Bicentennial Celebration that will take place on September 12th at the township park.  

George Brown talked about the Clermont County Park District.  He wants to put together a committee with representation from every township.

John McGraw, Union Township Trustee, thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and reminded everyone that there would be a big celebration on Saturday, August 22nd at Jungle Jimís celebrating their 40th anniversary.  

Motion to adjourn the meeting:  A motion was made by Jim Sauls and seconded by Frank Wilson to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed. 

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