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Clermont County Township Association Meeting

Date:  February 19, 2015

Host:  Pierce Township

Meeting was called to order:   Before starting the dinner, Bonnie Batchler asked everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and Randy Perry said the blessing for the dinner.  After the dinner everyone moved into the trustees meeting room for the meeting.

Opening remarks:  The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm by Bonnie Batchler.  Bonnie announced that Donna Cann was not at the meeting to take minutes due to a previous commitment and that Beth Nevel would be acting secretary for the evening. 

Bonnie reported that the banquet committee is ahead of schedule and had the speaker already in place.  The next banquet meeting will be February 21st at Batavia Township. 

Bonnie stated that she wanted to make reservations for the Christmas banquet at Campbell’s Barn for December 7th.  All agreed to schedule the banquet for December 7th.

Motion to approve meeting minutes:   A motion was made by Joyce Richardson and seconded by Tom Peck to approve the January minutes.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  A motion was made by Guy Bainum and seconded by Darlene Jowers to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion passed.

The next meeting will be held:  The next meeting will be held on March 19th at the Health Department. 

Other comments and suggestions:  George Brown talked about an executive summary agenda for the Future of Clermont County and handouts were available for everyone to take home.  Parks and recreation were the topic for the evening.  Green space, recreation, parks and nature preserves are all being looked at by separate committees.  Each township is asked to look at a coalition of parks.  He is looking for involvement by the trustees and townships.  Handouts provided reference the formation of the Clermont County Parks Alliance.

Speaker:  Rex Parsons, Batavia Township Administrator spoke in reference to “There are special needs in Clermont County”.  Rex serves on the board of the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities and he introduced Dan Ottke, the new superintendent of the Board.  Dan took a few minutes to familiarize those in attendance with the services provided by his organization.  Dan recognized Lisa Davis, the agencies Public Information Officer.  A power point presentation followed.  There are two facilities in operation and are very active in the community providing services such as cutting grass for townships.  Two people also work in the prosecutor’s office scanning documents.  Printed materials and business cards were available for all.

Bonnie confirmed that Sheriff Rodenberg would be hosting the October meeting.

John Becker had a few comments regarding any amendments needed to be presented to him soon.  He also spoke about all of his ideas that he wants to introduce in the next six months.  Tom Peck asked about House Bill 42 and John stated that there were no Republican co-sponsors.  The governor is proposing a ½ cent increase in sales tax. 

Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Joyce Richardson made a motion seconded by Darlene Jowers to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed.

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